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Released January 24, 2014

Phil Norman, Cello
Paul Russell, Guitar
Ryan Spencer, Trumpet
Allegra Michael, Rachel Sliker, violins
Alexander Vittal, Viola
Psyche Dunkhase, Cello

Recorded at UI Sound and the Pine Street Church in Boulder, CO
Recorded and Mixed by Tira Neal
Track #2 Recorded by Ben Romsdahl
Track #11 Recorded by Evan Reeves
Mastered by Gus Skinas
Photography by Julie Rooney

Released February 27, 2016

All songs written by Travis Grode
Produced by Phil Norman

Recorded by Max Norby, UI Sound Studios, Boulder, CO

Travis Grode: Composer, Guitar, Vocals

Phil Norman: Cello, Electric Guitar, Bass, Hand Bells, Percussion, Arranger, Producer, Composer (Track 7)
Michael Myers: Percussion
Lloyd Potter: Electric Guitar, Moog
Ben Fausch: Keyboard
Kristi Stice: Harmony Vocals
Niki Mariskanish: Tenor Saxophone
Eric Jordan: Baritone Saxophone

Mixed by Kyle Zender, Denver, CO
Art – Jeff & Shelley Dominguez, Ruby Glue Design


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