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Acoustic Rosh, The House Concert Tapes, Vol. 1
Garret Suzellis, A Narrative of the Sad and Disfigured World of Joseph
Phil Norman, On Yesterday
Derrick Hart, Songs From A Cross (The Sea)
Rosh and One Eye Glass Broken, EP
Carpet Robot, Stupid Education
The Clean Plate Club, EP
The Pirate Signal, No Weak Heart Shall Prosper
Paul D'Amore, Simply Love
Travel by Sea, Two States and the Blindness That Follows
Soundtrack for Grand Canyon by Nature: River of Life
Travis Grode, Rhubarb Garden
Soundtrack for Lilith (cello, composer)
Paul Russell, Back to the Scene of Our Beautiful Crime
Mestizo (String Arrangement), Last Holiday
Still Light, Rosarium
Jessica Dye, A Short Spell
Leslie and the Flying Foxes, A Day in the Life of a Boogaleeboo
Rosh and One Eye Glass Broken, The Same Blues (cello and string arrangements)
Danny Schafer, Wherever You Are
Kristi Stice, Under the Willow
Someone's in for an Explosion, Self-Titled

Mockingbird, Cryptid
White Water Ramble, Roots & Groove
Phil Norman, The Moon Has Strange Ears
Soundtrack for Through The Devil’s Eyes (cello, composer)
Delilah's Revenge, Self-Titled
Ethan Morrison, Drops of Water
Princess Music, Odobenidae
Susie Fitzgerald, Restless
Mickey Theis, Range Songs
Bettman and Halpin, Diamond
The Motet, Totem
Amberley Chalberg, There Will Come A Day (cello, string arrangements)
Ivory Circle, Isosceles
A Day To Remember, Bad Vibrations
Travis Grode, This Shimmering Space (producer, cello, bass, guitar)
Clay Hamilton, Cages Of Light (Brass arrangement)
Brit Margit, Melisma

Bettman and Halpin, Christmas is a Funny Thing
Brian Kimmel, Home
Kendall Perry, The Vulnerable Cure
Jessica Dye, Nostalgia The Thief
Incidental Music for Water Wings (composer, cello)

Rise Against, The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1

Rise Against, Nowhere Generation

Jules Schroeder, Vancouver (cello, horn arrangements)

Travis Grode, A Place Where Nothing Stays (cello, electric guitar, bass, production, arranging)

Kingdom Jasmine, Anyone Seen The Light?

Ivory Circle, Scalene



curtis peel, The Sawtooth Conversion
Dylan Fixmer, String Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass
Abe Abraham, Midnight
Sage Cook and Bridget Law (of Elepahnt Revival), Drift
Preachermann, Lost
Futurist, Anti-Hero
Shilo Andrews, The First Rains of Joy Road
Joseph Tonelli, Message
Rosh and One Eye Glass Broken, Hurt, The Same Blues, Tonight
Something Underground, She's on Fire
Birch Street, Down the Line
Brit Margit, Whirlwind
Brit Margit, Peace and Harmony
Elise Legendre, Just You And Me (production, arrangement, piano)
Clay Hamilton, Auld Lang Syne
Ivory Drive, Always Align
Andy Palmer, I Am Brown
Rob Drabkin, Someday
The Motet, Supernova

Dango Rose, A La Glory (arrangement)


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